ReDiscover Church begins in the Living Room. We are a community of believers who seek the unchurched, those who have become disenchanted with church life, and those who are called by His name and want to do more for their Father and the Kingdom; the lost, the searching, and the faithful. We invite people to ReDiscover what God had in mind when he created them to be a part of the church. We desire that God’s plan for their lives be revealed in their hearts and they act upon it. We believe God had a mission to be fulfilled and then created us to fulfill that plan, not the other way around. We base all this on three simple words of our vision.

Reclaim, Reveal and Release.

ReDiscover Church Vision

Reclaim all of God’s children for His glory. Reveal what God had in mind when He created them. Release them to fulfill that calling. Together we ReDiscover Church and what it was meant to accomplish. Reclaim, Reveal & Release.


Reclaim. We reclaim those who are called by God to accomplish His divine plan for their lives by evangelism, social media, technology and personal invitations to our “The Living Room” meetings.


Reveal. We reveal God’s plan for all believers and guide them through the process of discovering their calling through discipleship and the Word of God. We guide a believer to a revelation that God has called them, and created them to fulfill a mission for His glory. That mission is to make disciples and spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world using their gifts and talents.

Release. Each Living Room group is founded on a local mission. They are released to fulfill their calling in their community and the world. As the Living Room groups worship together, the leaders are on the look out for more leader who we can train, and release to guide their own “Living Room” meeting.


- Devoted Worshipers

- Loving Families

- Equipped Disciple-Makers

- Spirit-Filled Missionaries

- Suffering Children


ReDiscover Church is made up of believers who go out and preach the Gospel to their communities. We invite people into our Living Rooms to create a safe space for learning, fellowship and worship. These Living Room meetings are house groups where members are being trained in the word of God, allowing it to come alive within their hearts every week. The fruit is revealed in their ability to express their beliefs through evangelism, discipleship and mission. There will be two leaders who guide each meeting as they eat, commune together, and edify each other in the call of Christ in the Living Room!  Each Living Room will be established with a local mission in mind through outreach and evangelism. The mission is required for all Living Room groups and will fulfill a need in their local community.

The entire congregation of Rediscover Church is a meeting of all the weekly Living Room groups. We meet once a month for corporate worship. This is also a great place to invite people. Together we will fulfill global missions, welcome visitors, train new members and equip our leaders. When someone desires to be a member of the church but did not start out in one of our Living Rooms, they will be assigned one.


ReDiscover Church is a church designed to help people rediscover their calling. It is not a passive church but a church where all members will be part of local and world-wide missions, evangelism, teaching, and proclaiming the Word of God. We believe this model fulfills the Great Commission of Christ, we will preach the Gospel, make disciples, send them out two by two and through this, heal the nations.


ReDiscover Church is a community of believers who find whose who have lost their way or have never found God's calling in their life. We invite you to ReDiscover what God had in mind when he created the church. We desire that God’s plan for your life to be revealed. We believe God had a mission to be fulfilled and then created you to fulfill that plan, not the other way around. We base all this on three simple words. Reclaim, Reveal and Release.