ReDiscover Church is founded on mission. We have global, national and local missions. We know that in the kingdom there are kings and there are priests. Priests provide the vision and do the work and kings provide the provision for the vision. Perhaps God has called you to be a king for our cause. Please pray that God would guide you in your calling to be a king in missions with ReDiscover church. God bless you!


We support and work in two global missions. Instituto de Líderes Cristianos is an international Spanish speaking seminary raising up over 37,000 leaders in latin America. Mission Juarez Mexico was founded by Wally and April De La Fuente to take toys to impoverished children during Christmas time.


We work with other churches in the United States to accomplish their community needs. Affiliated churches who feed, clothe, help and heal those in need are able to partner with us and get support from our congregation.


Every one of our Living Room home groups is founded on a local mission. Whether it is cleaning up their local community, feeding those in need, finding children who need yearly sponsors or just helping someone in need, our congregation lives and breathes on fulfilling God's mission in our daily lives.


Mission Juarez Mexico is a non-profit created to bless the children of Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. We bless the children with food, clothing, Bibles and Christmas toys yearly. In the past 3 years we have distributed over 2,300 toys to the poor and impoverished children of the infamous and dangerous city.